Sigrid's images will awaken your mind. Every picture tells a story.

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  • Sigrid’s Art Gifts

    You'll find your favorite selections of Sigrid's art posted on You can have any of these images transferred to a variety of fun and useful tools to make your whole life more colorful. 

  • Exciting Books In Progress

    Since I’m social-distancing these days, I’ve finally started work on my  illustrated novel. And I’m also putting the final touches on my long-awaited children’s e-book, GIRLS WHO LIKE BUGS.  

  • Ecuador Art Shows

    Sigrid has art shows planned for October in Montecristi (outside Manta) at the Alfaro Museum, and in Cuenca in November. However, these dates may change due to Ecuador's shut-down for the COVID-19. Thanks for your patience.

Recent Work

Art is roller coaster of creative ideas that pulls you along as you struggle to understand the universe. Here's some of the rides I've taken lately:

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There are so many ways we make our work relevant to our communities. Here are some of the ways I've been trying to reach out to make the world a better place. Hope you'll join me on my quests.

  • Booby Blue: Footwear for Sex Appeal

    March 30, 2014 – Isabel Island, Galapagos. Even before Elvis crooned about blue suede shoes, the Galapagos boobies knew azure footwear was sexy. Since boobies are opportunistic maters, guys learn to keep up appearances. Healthy male birds dive up to 70 ft. down to feed on sardines that provide the carotenoids that darken the pigmentation […]

  • Waves of Opportunity

    July 28, 2017 – Puerto Cayo Beach, Ecuador. Last evening I took my dachshund, Belle, for a beach walk. I was watching the small waves at the edge of the shore washing in and out over the rocks and shells. As each wave receded and I surveyed the pretty remains trying to decide which pieces […]

  • That Flooded Feeling

    August 10, 2015 – Pto. Cayo, Ecuador. Some days, despite my most diligent planning, the tide of life just rushes in and tumbles my schedule askew. A deluge of unexpected occurrences wrench control from my grasp and by evening I feel like a beached whale. This week I took a bike ride to the “Piedreros,” […]