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For kids, art is not simply for arts sake.

Great article in today’s St. Petersburg Times by columnist Ernest Hooper. Click Here to read it. Ernest really captures the spirit of the wonderful young people I’ve been working with at Community Stepping Stones.  Thank God we have uncommonly talented writers like Ernest to tell our story. By the way, Here’s the letter the kids […]

Kids Send Art to Obama

Community Stepping Stones Kids Tell President Obama How They Feel About Gulf Disaster in Letters & Art Monday, July 12, 2010, Tampa Florida – The youth of Community Stepping Stones in Sulphur Springs have created an 8 foot x 8 foot piece of poignant public art illustrating their concerns about the Gulf Oil Spill.  At […]

Kid’s Art Depicts Oil Spill

Out of the mouths of babes.  Kid’s are really depressed about the oil spill. Kathy Steele, in today’s Tampa Tribune/Carrollwood, shared her observations. Click on the attached PDFs and read how creatively the kids from Community Stepping Stones (Sulphur Springs) are expressing themselves. Art Depicts Oil Spill A Art Depicts Oil Spill B

Kids vs. Oil Spill

The last few weeks I’ve been volunteering as a guest artist at COMMUNITY STEPPING STONES, an organization that provides arts-oriented after-school programs to encourage kids to stick with their education. The neighborhoods they serve have lots of challenges, but the kids are the best. They say no one learns like the teacher – and I’ve […]

Balance Mandala

As any orthopedist will tell you, our feet were not designed to walk on artificial stuff like asphalt and concrete.  They like the real thing. When we get away from the concrete, we find living things under our feet – some as big as beetles and earthworms, other incredibly small, like microbacteria – a mass […]

Good Medicine

Dr. Carol Roberts is a pioneer.  Decades before anyone was talking about alternative medicine, this physician was noticing that allergies and chronic diseases could be controlled by natural substances that were much kinder to the anatomy. Yes, of course modern medicine has given us miracles, but its also given us some nightmares.  Good medicine means […]

Aussie Octopus

Octopi are interesting animals. With their eerily human eyes, their tentacled legs, their way of looking at you – directly at you – you just know they’re thinking something in that big brain, and you can’t help wondering what. I’ve seen octopi many times while scuba diving, and I’ve found them fun to watch and […]

Hermit Crab

Hermit crabs look fierce from the front, with their armored claws and legs.  But from the back, they’re soft and very vulnerable, which is why they protect themselves by living in discarded shells, old bottles, tin cans – whatever they can find – and when they feel cramped, they discard it and quickly crawl into […]