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My Blog Has A New Address

My blog has moved to: Actually, it isn’t just my blog that’s moved…I have too. I May, 2015, I decided to move to the Pacific Coast of Ecuador for an undetermined time. I’m living in a tranquil, small fishing village called Puerto Cayo. I’ve come here to paint, to spend some time with my […]

Plastics in Paradise

“When you throw something away, exactly where is away?” You may have heard of the Great Pacific gyre – that floating garbage patch in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. But did you realize there are now five ocean gyres, each over 1,500 miles wide and one mile deep carrying 100+ million tons of plastic? […]

Unintended Consequences

Many of the small things we all do unconsciously can cause unintentional, long-term damage to animal populations, particularly those that are already endangered. Just a momentary lapse can disrupt the delicate balance in our favorite preservation areas.  In summer, 2011, I wrote an article for Bay Soundings magazine about the unintended consequences that result quiet […]

Marvelous, Mucky, Artistic MUD

When I was a kid I loved mud. I had no idea how smart I was until I research, wrote and illustrated an article on MUD as an adult. Did you know there is more bio-diversity in a handful of healthy estuary mud than the whole Amazon forest? Tell your kids: mud is waaaay more […]

Recognition From Obama

So how cool is that. A bunch of young artists in a poor neighborhood do an environmental art project – they send a letter and a picture of their artwork to the President of the United States (read my earlier blogs) – and the leader of the Free World writes them back!  OK, so maybe […]