One-Woman Show @ Rookery Bay, Naples

Sigrid Tidmore was featured in a solo art show at the Rookery Bay Estuarine Preserve in Naples, Florida from June – September, 2012. Her show included 42 pieces of original work, including a special illustration “Mermaid Tales” which was produced for the show. Sigrid’s colorful watercolor and pastel illustrations, including a selection of her new images from the Galapagos, were the topic of presentations.

Sigrid’s work can often be seen in natural history magazines and local publications. Recently, she’s been commissioned to produce a series of children’s books. This year, the National Estuary Program will be using her work for their calendar.

The art gallery at Rookery Bay is part of an extraordinarily beautiful nature center in the middle of an estuary preserve. Sigrid’s inspirational work will make it’s home there from May 7 – September 7. On June 6 (5:30-7:30pm) there was  a reception and presentation by Sigrid on “Exploring the Ocean’s Edge Though Art.” Throughout the summer Sigrid also spoke at the Arsenault Gallery in Naples on environmental topics related to her art.