Good Medicine

Dr. Carol Roberts is a pioneer.  Decades before anyone was talking about alternative medicine, this physician was noticing that allergies and chronic diseases could be controlled by natural substances that were much kinder to the anatomy. Yes, of course modern medicine has given us miracles, but its also given us some nightmares.  Good medicine means interrupting natural systems as little as possible.

It took courage to champion integrated medicine, and today many of us enjoy the benefits of Carol’s courage. Happily, Carol recently did another courageous thing – she wrote her first book – a wonderful primer on alternative medicine.  It’s exactly what the title says: “GOOD MEDICINE – A Return to Common Sense.”

I was thrilled when Carol asked me to illustrate the cover. Do you see the medical symbol of the caduceus?  Where once there were Mercury’s wings and twisted serpents, how we have Athena’s wise old owl and flowering vines. It’s thoroughly alive – just as medicine can be a living, responsive system that pays respect to the natural world.

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