My Blog Has A New Address

My blog has moved to:

Actually, it isn’t just my blog that’s moved…I have too. I May, 2015, I decided to move to the Pacific Coast of Ecuador for an undetermined time. I’m living in a tranquil, small fishing village called Puerto Cayo. I’ve come here to paint, to spend some time with my grandchildren, and to begin an online business I’ve wanted to pursue for ages: COSMIC TAPESTRY (  Don’t get me wrong, I haven’t abandoned my friends, or my community — and I get back to the U.S. as frequently as I can…but living in relative isolation on a wild Pacific Coast where virtually 95% of the people I see each day speak only Spanish — well, that can give a watercolor artist like me, plenty to paint and blog about.

So if you like my art, and you’re interested in living the creative life, I invite you to visit me at You’ll learn about creative travel, creative wellness, all things that feed the creative heart.

See you there!




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