That Flooded Feeling

August 10, 2015 – Pto. Cayo, Ecuador. Some days, despite my most diligent planning, the tide of life just rushes in and tumbles my schedule askew. A deluge of unexpected occurrences wrench control from my grasp and by evening I feel like a beached whale.

This week I took a bike ride to the “Piedreros,” the rocky tidal pools outside the fishing village of Puerto Cayo, where I’m currently living in Ecuador. Their daily drama gave me new insight into my flustered attempts at maintaining orderly control.

During the tranquility of low tide the pools are filled with a colorful circus of exotic plants and animals – many as fragile as soap bubbles. But this peace is merely temporal, followed by an abrupt shift in currents. Thundering, incoming waves toss the performers into chaos and hiding, not to be seen again until the moon shifts her gravitational pull once again. This rhythmic exchange helped me see that chaos is as natural as calm. Delicate creatures survive because they flow with the currents or get out of its way.

When I resist the tides in my life, all I do is get pounded by the surf.

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