Waves of Opportunity

July 28, 2017Puerto Cayo Beach, Ecuador. Last evening I took my dachshund, Belle, for a beach walk. I was watching the small waves at the edge of the shore washing in and out over the rocks and shells. As each wave receded and I surveyed the pretty remains trying to decide which pieces I might like to add to my collection. My patio garden sparkles with the treasures I find this way.

Should I pick this shell? Do I already have too much translucent quartz? Check out that multi-colored stone with purple and turquoise. Hmmmmm.

In an instant my musing cost me the opportunity to choose. A new wave washed in and scrambled the entire treasure chest. The shell was gone. The multi-colored stone had headed for deep water. I’d missed my opportunity by hesitating. Yet, in their place was an entirely new selection of ocean offerings. A clam instead of a conch. Sea glass instead of quartz. Quick. Do I want any of these?

As with so many things in this universe, processes are repeated on multiple planes. In my professional life, chance connections and opportunities come along and I choose them or not. I recall times I’ve punished myself with regret because I didn’t go to a high-profile party, didn’t return a

call, didn’t accept a business deal – and later I’d worry I’d missed a chance at a profitable relationship.

What I failed to remember is that the ocean of life is constantly in motion, and new waves are always bringing new shells to the beach.

The important thing is to focus on WHAT we choose, not HOW OFTEN. We can’t catch every shell in every wave, but we should be very particular about which ones we put in our patio garden. When you see the thing you really want – don’t just stand there – GRAB IT!

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