Auntie Wears Pink When She Flies

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You think it takes a village to raise a child? Auntie can do it all by herself.  With no kids of her own, she loves every kid she see…latch-key kids, single-parent kids, abused kids, lonely kids…they end up at her home and in her arms as if the force of gravity pulled them there.

No kid is too big for her hand, or too small to be hugged. No kid is too noisy to be listened to, and no kid is too angry to be cuddled to her bosom.  She has fresh cookies warm from the oven, cold milk in a frosty glass, a comfy lap and safe place for non-judgmental love. She’ll hold you and sing you songs, gospel hymns and nursery rhymes and folk tunes — and pretty soon, you’ll be singing them too.

But all the time she’s giving you her love, she’s flying. She evolves into a Roseate Spoonbill, pink like a Florida sunrise, enfolding her children in her feathers, and enjoying every moment.  Don’t ever feel sorry for her. She’s having a ball. You want to see “wind beneath the wings?” Send her a needy kid, and watch Auntie fly.

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