Boan Tree Frog

Frogs are really neat. I’ve never understood why some people dislike them…they aren’t slimy at all, they’re cool and smooth, fabulous athletes, and they even sing.  Every frog species has its own distinctive voice, and experts can identify them without even seeing the them – just by their sound.

The Boan Tree Frog is found on the island of Boan, one of the Phillippine “Turtle Islands” – and believe it or not, the island is even shaped like a tadpole.

I wanted to paint this frog for two reason: (1) It’s colorful, which makes it for a great watercolor, and (2) frogs are Mother Earth’s “canary in the coal mine.”  When you see frog species start to disappear, you know something is terribly wrong with the environment.  Recently, biologists have noticed a decrease in frog species around the planet. I’m concerned about that – and I hope you are too.

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