Backing Away From A Bad Idea

Florida Blue Crabs have to be one of the most delicious local meals there is. When I first came to Tampa Bay 30+ years ago they were plentiful.  Today – not so much.

We used to catch the crabs from canoes by hanging a line tied to a chicken wing or neck over the side and dragging it along the shallow bay waters. When the greedy crab latched on to the treat, they wouldn’t let go. All we had to do was pull up the bait slowly and net the crab into the boat.

A bucket full of crabs is a sight to see. Try pulling one crab out alone. You can’t do it. The little critters grab on to each other, so when you pick up one, all the other come along.

It’s that way with bad habits, too. Have you ever noticed that when you try to rid yourself of one worn-out idea (let’s say nagging your teenager), that its attached to other bad habits (complaining to your husband.) Pretty soon you look around and discover all these old habits are holding hands and you need to get to the root of why you’re feeling so much like a victim.

Take it from me – being responsible for your choices takes courage.
The crabs probably feel the same way.

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