Head First

As a teen, I decided I wanted to be a folksinger. So I bought a 12-string guitar and some chord books, and with a little practice I soon found myself working my way through college with a 5-nights-a-week gig.  Later, I decided I wanted to be an entrepreneur, so I started my own ad agency and with hand work and focus, I was turning out great creative work for companies like Apple. But what I always wanted to do the most was be a working artist, and you see the result here.

We create what we want in our lives. I tend to do it by diving in “Head First.” Enthusiasm has been the hallmark of my approach. I don’t give much thought to failure, even though I’ve had plenty of things that didn’t work out first try. While thinking is a noble endeavor, it’s nothing without action.

So next time you find something really dream of doing, be careful not to “think” yourself out of achieving the dream. Sometimes the best way to get going is simply “Head First.”

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