Present Friends

Dreams are part of our evolution. Without them we are simply just another member of the herd that will soon become extinct.

This illustration, from my children’s book, “The Perfect Present,” depicts an at-risk child who has been relocated from her native home to the urban jungle of LA. She remembers her early years, living on the island, when the animals were her friends and mutual respect was the gift freely given.  She laments that in the world of make-believe she can always give perfect presents, but in the her everyday world, it’s not so easy to make someone happy.

A naturally generous child, Mae hides in her imagination and brings her animal friends back to life because the poverty of her new reality is too painful to bear. At the end of the story she learns that although she cannot afford to give the expensive gifts expected in her new community, she can still give the most important gift — the same one she always had — the gift of her love.

It’s been said that we teach what we need to learn.  One of my lessons has been to realize that my authentic self is the best thing I can share with the world. How about you? Are you happy with your present?

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