Salsa de Ybor!

Ybor City is a jewel set in the crown of the Tampa Bay community. As a Latin ethnic neighborhood, it features a square block owned by Cuba. No kidding – a gift to Jose Marti and the Cuban people.  Assumedly, it’s legal to smoke Cuban cigars there.
One of the things Ybor is most identified with are the antique wrought iron street lights that line every street.

At night Ybor transforms from its funky historic persona into “!Arriba Central!”  Great night clubs, fabulous music and lavishly clad party-goers.  Want to Salsa? This is the place.

I created this painting because I wanted to experiment with a new way of making backgrounds I learned from Kathleen Connover at the Florida Watercolor Society conference this year. It certainly brings energy into a scene.

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