Swimming With Seals

Galapagos seals are fin-footed mammals with amazing abilities in water. Their speed and agility in water contrasts to their clumsy waddling on land. Their agility in the water makes it possible for them to maneuver safely in pounding surf and along jagged rocks.

The ‘unofficial welcoming committee’ of the Galapagos Islands is the sea lion. Their playful inquisitive nature, speed, antics and dog-like
bark quickly make them everyone’s favorite.

In the water they love to play and they are quite unafraid of humans, as I found when I went snorkeling. Being in the water with two frolicking females was a surreal experience I will always remember…it still comes back in my dreams.

NOTE: As islands go, the Galapagos are fairly young. Marked by active volcanoes, black lava flows, old and recent, cover vast sections of the land. Appropriately, my art is done on black paper lending an air of igneous drama to my subject matter.

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