We Are All Connected

We are here so the universe may know itself.
                                                                      Carl Sagan

Just looking at the biological cycles of life, I always believed we were all connected, but now physicists are proving that, in fact, we are all energetically connected on the deepest levels. They are finding that the “stuff” the universe is made of (waves and particles of energy) appears to break the laws of time and space as
we once knew them. It can conclusively be shown that what we do or think “here” has a profound effect on what happens “there.”

To understand this in our lives we need only make a “small shift” in thinking. If we could begin to see ourselves as part of the world rather than separate from it, all our relationships in nature would begin to make more sense.

 The implications of these relationships are huge – from global peace to personal healing. It gives a whole new meaning to “Do unto other as you’d have them do unto you,” doesn’t it?

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